You want to focus on your tan & your nose riding... not on your suit sliding around. So we made you suits to help you feel good while lookin good. Plus, they're made with regenerated materials.

Enjoying nature while saving the planet? How earthy of you.


  • Seamless suits that look cute AND feel great.

    To take you from jumping through waves to tanning on the beach (as they should).

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  • Ethics & Sustainability

    Fabrics, labels, packaging, shipping, & more - every bit counts. Mindful, eco-friendly practices are a core part of our brand.

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  • Season 3

    Created in collaboration with female artists to celebrate women for all that we are. Our most beautiful collection to date.

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Sustainability is a core pillar of Earthy. We use only high-quality recycled materials for our suits. But our goal is to make our entire brand as earth-friendly as possible. That's why every order is packed & shipped with plastic-free, recycled materials, made to be reused or recycled again.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives.