Our Story


Earthy Surf was created to empower women who live for that salty, sun kissed feeling and to support this beautiful planet through a culture of connection. A conscious swimwear label created for active women, by women. We want suits that stay on, look good, and feel great - so we made them. For you. For us. For everything sunny. 


Hi! I'm Natalie, founder of Earthy Surf. 

I was raised in sunny Southern California and now live on the North Shore of Oahu with my husband and baby girl, Luna. I started Earthy in 2021 to create suits I could wear all day and actually enjoy. As an avid surfer, active human, and most recently, new mama, my goal is to provide minimal yet functional eco-friendly suits that prioritize COMFORT.

The more years I spend surfing and playing in the waves, the more I learn which aspects of swimwear I love... and which I definitely do not. *i.e. Hair getting caught in metal strap adjusters, top un-hooking, bottoms pulled off by waves, uncomfortable bands digging in... you get the picture. 

I had a go at sewing my own suits for fun back in 2015. For my first time really using a sewing machine, they turned out pretty good! But not quite 'launch your brand' status. There was also this whole other issue to address. Sustainability.

Microplastics in the ocean, excessive plastic packaging and labels, unethical factories and suppliers, suits falling apart after one season and then ending up in a landfill (or worse - fast fashion brands overproducing) ... it's a lot. While there is no such thing as a "perfect" sustainable solution, there's a lot we can do to create a positive impact and a lighter footprint.

Conscious creation is a core pillar of this brand. We focus on small, curated bulk orders to reduce waste. Our suits are all made with high-quality recycled materials and are ethically produced in Bali. See our sustainability page for more info on how we're supporting the planet. 

Overall, my vision for you is that you love your suit as much as you love your time outdoors - as much as you love your body, as much as you love your planet. We're here to make new connections and empower the wonderful women in our lives. A sisterhood of celebrating each other. From sunrise to sunset and everything in between. 

For everything sunny - welcome to EARTHY.